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Sectional doors open vertically upwards, thereby creating space for parking in front of and behind the garage door.The door sections are parked directly underneath the ceiling, vertically above the structural opening or following the pitch of the roof.
The exceptional breadth and depth of the range, the top door design and certified safety convincing in every respect.
Speed sectional doors are the first choice, for example, for fire-stations or halls with fast-moving production sequences.
Compact sectional doors are the ideal solution for light-flooded halls with glass facades and domed roof lights.

The special merits of High-speed doors are high-grade material quality and safe, reliable long-term functionality. They are used for both internal and external applications to optimize the flow of traffic, improve the atmospheric environment as well as save energy. This wide range includes transparent doors with flexible curtain, vertically or hoizontally opening, as well as rolling shutters, sectional doors and folding doors as secure outdoor closures. As day/night-time closures we offer the flexible high-speed doors also in combination with rolling shutters and sectional doors.

Rolling shutters require very little headroom above the structural opening because the curtain rolls up compactly behind the lintel. This is important and a major advantage in halls with craneways, high-stacking forklift trucks, lifting platforms, or where on-site installations are in the way.

Folding doors are particularly recommended for buildings with low headroom or where the statics do not allow the roof to carry an extra load. Particularly beneficial: they can also be fitted externally which means that the space inside the building can be fully utilized. No valuable space is lost. The range of folding doors offers a host of variations and covers a wide field of applications.